What's in my DIY Kit?

You will find a variety of wooden parts and steel hardware inside your kit. See below for the detailed description of what’s in each kit as well as a guide on what each part does. If you want to see ideas of what you can make, skip straight to the 3D animated examples section.

DIY Construction Kit

When you open your DIY Construction Kit you will find a set of wooden bases, a set of long and short arms and a pair of connector blocks. 

You will also find packets with all the bolts, nuts, washers and bits and pieces needed to get started. 

You can use these nuts and bolts to connect the wooden parts together to make a wide variety of shapes, models and mechanical designs – click here to see examples.

Hover / tap on the green dots to view the info on each piece

Cleverclogs DIY construction toy kit

2 bases, each with 6 different positions for bolts

6 long arms with holes at each end

4 short arms with holes at each end

2 connector blocks with holes on alternating sides

8 x short bolts, 4 x medium bolts and 2 x long bolts

4 x threaded rods (studs)

2 x coupling nuts

12 x standard nuts

6 x large washers

12 x small washers

4 x wing nuts

Allen key

4 x rubber washers / wheels

1 x rope

Wooden crane with grab claw construction set

4 x extra length arms

8 x rubber wheels

1 long base & 1 short base

1 x sliding arm with slot to allow for adjustments

1 x long connector block with holes on both sides

6 x long arms with center holes

2 x long threaded rods (studs)

4 x short threaded rods (studs)

1 x Allen key

4 x short arms

1 x rope

4 x pulleys

2 x connector arms

4 x coupling nuts

6 x wing nuts

1 x angled plate

2 x grab claws

12 x short bolts

4 x medium & 4 x long bolts

8 x large washers

16 x small washers

20 x nuts

DIY Mechanical Kit

When you open your DIY Mechanical Kit you will find an even wider variety of wooden bases, arms and assorted connector blocks as well as lots of different kinds of hardware.

The parts in this kit allow for more varied and complex models and mechanical designs.

Click here to see some examples.

Hover / tap on the blue dots to view the info on each piece

What does each part do?

These parts are included in both the DIY Construction & DIY Mechanical Kits

Short cap screws


These have a head (top part) and a shaft with a spiral cut into it - we call this a thread. This allows us to screw it into something that also has a thread cut into it, like a nut, or the sides of the bases.

6mm nuts


These are used with bolts and threaded rods (studs) to join the pieces together. You will always tighten them by turning them clockwise (the same direction a clock's hands turn).

threaded rod stud

Threaded Rod

These are threaded rods (or studs) . They are similar to a bolt except they have no head. This means you can join them together with a coupling nut.

Coupling nut

Coupling Nut

This is just a really big nut. It allows you to join two bolts or studs together by 'coupling' them.


Wing Nut

These are like standard nuts except you can use your fingers to tighten them by holding the 'wings' on the side. They are used for bolts that you want to tighten up really tightly to stop a part from moving.


Small Washer

These can be placed onto the shaft of a bolt to allow you to tighten the bolt without damaging the wooden arms.

large washer

Large Washer

These are placed onto a bolt to allow you to create a design like a pulley system, or use as 'eyes'.

rubber wheels

Rubber Washer

These can be used as wheels for your bases or by adding small washers you can create eyes.

Wooden bases for Cleverclogs Construction kit


The bases have threads in the sides and ends so you can screw in a bolt with a wheel or attach arms. They also have a hole in the middle to allow you to join bases together.

Set of long wooden arms with holes at each end

Long Arms

These attach to the bases, each other, or to the short arms and connector blocks to make your designs.

Short wooden arms for the DIY Construction Kit

Short Arms

These allow you to attach bases or long arms together to make a model or design.

Set of connector wooden blocks

Connector Blocks

These are used to attach long or short arms to each other or to the bases at 90 degrees to each other.

rope for the wooden crane and digger


This can be used on cranes or other designs that require it.

Allen Key

Allen Key

This is used to tighten and loosen the bolts and assist in screwing them into the arms. Put the short side into the top of the bolt and use the long side to give you leverage to tighten up the bolts.

These parts are included in the DIY Mechanical Kit only

Long Base

This longer base also has threads in the sides and can join to the short base. Its extra length allows for more stability on larger designs.


These pulleys can be used to direct rope, create cranks for winding up rope, or as spacers.

Extra Length Arms

The extra length arms can be used to create far more complex designs and have multiple holes along their length.

Sliding Arm

This extra long arm has a slot cut into it that allows a connected arm to slide up and down. It can be used as an adjustable arm to set heights or angles before tightening the bolts in the slot.

Long Connector Block

This larger connector block also has holes on all sides allowing multiple arms to connect together at different angles.

Grab Claw

These two parts can be joined together to create a grab claw or used as angled brackets in other designs.

Connector Arms

These extra short arms also form part of the grab claw but can be used to connect larger arms together in a similar way to the connector blocks.

Angle Plate

This plate can be used in the grab claw to connect the various arms and can also be used as a small support bracket.

What can I make with it?

Whatever you like! The parts can be joined together in many different ways allowing for infinite designs. Here are just a few examples.

These models can be made from both kits 

Drag an animation to view it from different angles or open in full screen to see more detail.

These models can be made from the DIY Mechanical Kit only