Free delivery to all major towns & cities in South Africa

DIY Construction Kit

A 100% locally made wooden toy with real nuts and bolts designed to teach kids the art of ‘making stuff’.

The kit includes a variety of parts and hardware, allowing for an infinite number of designs.

The only tool you need is your imagination!

Recommended age: 5 – 99

R395 R425

Free delivery to all major towns & cities in South Africa

DIY Mechanical Kit

This more advanced kit comes with a wider variety of wooden parts & hardware, including pulleys and a grab claw.

This allows for more complex designs and exploration of basic mechanical principles like leverage, the use of pulleys and counterweights.

All the parts fit with the DIY Construction Kit so it also makes a great expansion or follow up set.

Recommended age: 7 – 99


Free delivery to all major towns & cities in South Africa

Magnetic Kit

The Magnetic Kit is designed to allow young kids to explore basic shapes, designs and models by using strong magnets to easily join the pieces together.

It is a great entry into the wonderful world of ‘making stuff’ and serves as a stepping stone for our basic DIY Construction Kit and more advanced DIY Mechanical Kit.

Recommended age: 4 – 6


Free delivery to all major towns & cities in South Africa


More about the kits

Plastic Free

The kits are eco friendly - made of sustainably sourced Birch plywood and mild steel, and are entirely free of plastic packaging.


You can join multiple kits together and purchase additional parts or sets. All our kits are designed to work together.

Open Ended Play

The kits have no specific instructions - you can make any designs you wish using your creativity and imagination.


The kits help to get kids excited about science, design and engineering by allowing them to develop their problem solving skills and imagination.

100% Local

The kits are hand made in Cape Town, are virtually indestructible and many of the parts can be easily replaced or supplemented.

Fine Motor Skills

The kits are excellent sensory toys - ideal for play therapy, practising fine motor skills and encouraging visual perception.

What Can I make?

Our kits don’t include traditional instructions that give a straightforward set of tasks to complete. Instead, we include examples and guidelines as well as some basic information on how all the different parts can go together – from there its entirely up to the imagination!

Here are just a few ideas of what you can make with the different kits – if you are looking for more information please see our detailed help section with examples, 3D views and full descriptions of all the parts and their uses.


What's in the kit?

The kits include everything you will need to start creating your own designs. 

Please see the ‘Product Info’ section on each product page for full details of what’s included.

What are the delivery options?

We deliver to all major areas in South Africa – delivery to any major city or town is free and usually takes 2-4 days for main centres & 5-7 days for regional areas. If you live on a farm or in an embassy the couriers have a hefty surcharge so rather check with us beforehand.

Do I need to know how to DIY?


We have detailed information on all the different pieces of hardware to get you started in our help section, and once you know how to bolt 2 pieces together you are good to go. 

 Remember the best way to learn is by playing!

What if I lose some pieces?

The nuts & bolts included in our kits are a little easier for small fingers to handle compared to the normal ones you’ll find, but we designed the kits to use standard sizes that you can find at any hardware store (6mm diameter).

You can also grab an Extra Parts add-on to supplement your kits with a few spares / extras for more possibilities.

Are there instructions?

We have some examples of designs you can make, as well as  some 3D views of the more complex models. You can also zoom in to view close ups of how the parts go together.

Can I use it in my school / practice?

Yes – if you want to buy multiple kits please get in touch – we offer a 15% discount to educational and similar institutions.